Top 5 Festivals, Events and Spectator Sports in Amsterdam

top 5 festivals, events and spectator sports in Amsterdam

As you probably know by now, Amsterdam is one of the top 10 Europe’s tourist cities. A city of freedom, Amsterdam has an appeal that is absolutely unique and vibrant. Whatever you are looking for, this small city has a lot of fascinating things to offer.

Amsterdam has a lot of cultural highlights and the main attractions are the museums. I will not talk about museums because from my experience, you will find plenty information about it.
Today I want to tell you about the festivals, events, and spectator sports in Amsterdam. Trust me it’s something that you don’t want to miss if you are visiting Amsterdam.
I will try to talk about  5 of the most important traditional festivals and spectator sports in Amsterdam starting from spring until late December. Before you plan your visit there, maybe you can also check this festivals calendar and include it in your itinerary.

Top traditional festivals, events and spectator sports in Amsterdam

  • Koninginnedag

Queen’s Day as we all call it, it’s a national holiday held at the end of April. In 2013, Queen’s Day becomes King’s Day. A long day and night orange carnival, a gigantic party across the whole city combined with markets in the streets. Your orange t-shirt is a must in that day, all people dress is orange to refer to the name of the Royal family ‘House of Orange’. Good music, parties that go on till dawn raped in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Try not to miss also the markets that are held on the streets, the prices are symbolic and the most important thing is having fun.

  • Bevrijdingsdag

This festival is well known also like the Day after Herdenking’s day or Remembrance Day. It’s celebrated on 4th and 5th of May every year. There are remembrance gatherings all over the city to celebrate the end of the Nazi occupation. You will participate in speeches, concerts, and open-air markets.
National Monument on Dam Square, the most well known for this celebration.

  • Holland Festival

One of the biggest and famous festivals in Netherlands. It brings events from all over the world and has earned itself a prestigious reputation, attracting year after year top performers. You will find fields like opera, theater, music and art shows.
You have plenty of time to enjoy this festival because it lasts for 3 weeks. It starts at the beginning of June every year.

  • Grachtenfestival

Grachtenfestival, the Amsterdam Canal Festival, takes place now every year in mid-August and it lasts for ten days. One of the cultural highlights of Amsterdam in summer hosts a classical music festival on and around Amsterdam’s canals. The concerts take place on stages or even on the water, as the musicians stand on pontoons and people can enjoy the concert from their own boat or from canal sides. The festival is also a great opportunity for young music talents to shine and take the next step in their career.

  • Jordan Festival

Jordan Festival is a low profile autumn festival, held at the end of September. The city is celebrating the diversity of their working class picturesque district. The local talents come out every year for contests on Westermark. It’s the perfect combination of concerts, street parties, and fairs.

I only told you about a few festivals and events that are held in Amsterdam. From my opinion the most well-known and with long lasting traditions. If you will visit Amsterdam in the future, try to check out also these festivals. It’s totally worth it.

If you are in Amsterdam and you are looking for some spectator Sports events, you need to know that you have lots to choose from.

  • Football – the famous 50 000 Amsterdam Arena stadium
  • Cycling – every May they have the Rai Derny Race road circuit
  • Korfball – A cross between netball and basketball. Blauw-Wit is one of the teams you can watch.
  • American Football – A good chance to visit the Amsterdam Arena. Amsterdam Admirals also play there.
  • Rowing – It is very popular in Amsterdam. The most popular competition is the Head of the Amstel River.

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