Sharenting: The Dangers Of Social Media Parents Should Be Aware Of


As parents, we all want the best for our children. But sometimes, we must admit that things can get out of our hands. Even if we don’t like it, technology and the internet has become a way of parenting nowadays.

What is the best way to teach our children how to become responsible when it comes to social media? In my opinion, I need to learn how to behave on social media and to understand the benefits but also the perils that it can bring.

The Perils Of Sharenting Parents Should Be Aware Of when exposing their kids on social networks

Today I want to talk about ‘sharenting’. I first heard this term a few months ago, while I was learning ways to keep my kids safe when I am posting on social media. It seems researchers for Michigan University first described this term for ‘sharenting’ as the way parents share photos of their children via social media. I know now that the quote ‘Sharing is NOT always caring’ is true and we must admit that we all need to learn how to handle all this social media environment.

I don’t want to tell you what to do or how to do it because I am not an expert. I am simply telling you what I have learned about how to keep my kids safe when I posting in their names.

One thing I know for sure it applies to all of us, it is hard to keep up when the social media world moves so fast. But the more we know, the better for us and our kids. We need to have boundaries when we post pictures and information regarding our kids. My kids are too small to use social media now, but in a few years they will and when that happens, I want to be able to set a good example for them. I can not teach my kids to be safe on social media if I am not beeing responsible myself.

Rules that we need to keep in mind when we are ‘sharenting’

  • Embarrassing pictures

Don’t post pictures that can be embarrassing for them. Maybe you will say that it’s a dumb thing and nobody does that. But the truth is we do it without knowing. You just need to put in your children’s shoes a few years from now and see how that picture will look in their friend’s eyes. From my point of view, pictures when they are sick or maybe on the potty can be embarrassing for them years later.

  • Personal details

Don’t post any personal details like name, date or birth or things that can link back to them later. Don’t share their school location or when they are away for a party. This kind of details is very important to remain private because you never know who might use this information.

  • School or camp pictures

If you want to post pictures with your kids, it’s your choice. But try not to share pictures with their friends from school. Don’t invade the privacy of other parents that are not ok with this whole sharing pictures all over the internet. It happened to me to see my children photos posted by someone else and I was really upset to see that they did not ask me first. 

  • Privacy and Safety

You should know by knowing the minimum age for a user to open an account on Facebook, Instagram or Sanpchat. Don’t be one of those parents that make a social media profile for their kids even if they are 2 years old. I get confused when I receive a friend request from kids that are so young to have a profile.

I know now that the quote ‘Sharing is NOT always caring’ is true and we must admit that we all need to learn how to handle all this social media environment. Be a model for your kids and try to live your life, not their life.

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