Hi there!

I’m Andreea, a happy wife and mom of two precious children.
I am a woman with a mind of my own. I like pink stuff, reading books, listen to all kinds of music, and eating ice cream.
I’m a stay at home mom at this moment and I divide my time between raising my kids and blogging. I’m sometimes referred to as a control freak maniac but honestly, I have no idea where such silly notions might come from.
I’m passionate about self-development and success and my intention is educating and inspiring like-minded people all over the world and sharing my opinions. My blog is far away from being ‘a blogging niche’ thing, so expect to find random tips on everything from DIY to IT and recipes.
My mission is to empower and inspire people by sharing my knowledge about everything I learned and experienced until now and try to build a blog that will help people.